Maps of Neverland

J.M. Barrie said that if you mapped out a child's mind, it would look like a map of Neverland--with no boundaries, limitless.

So here we'll map out the lives and minds of members of Generation Y, the Peter Pan Generation, to find out what a generation can achieve with a little guidance from each other and a few happy thoughts.

"Ideally, together as a community, we make better maps than any of us could make alone." - John Green
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"The American Dream of the 1950s was a tangible future: a house in the suburbs, an educated and healthy family, a stable income. But now, in 2011, we need a new Dream: one that isn’t a mirage and one that won’t drain our bank accounts while we sink further into debt. In some cities, you needn’t look farther than your local financial district to see the anger from “the 99 percent.” 

They’re looking to hear from the “lost” themselves. Check out the article and let them know where you stand. 

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My screwed, coddled, self-absorbed, mocked, surprisingly resilient generation.”

The Later Sun has a song with this phrase in it oddly enough, and I can’t wait until this song is recorded to share. 

The line goes:

Take what you want, boy, it’s yours.

Take what you need.

The city’s got all you need, 

the city loves the weak. 

The poor are saving up for the guns, 

and the rich are buying up the sun, 

and it’s war…

War that can’t be won. 

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i don’t get why people think using the oxford comma is snobby. we’re not snobs, we’re just trying to protect the world from stripper stalin, is all.

FINALLY, I TRULY UNDERSTAND WHAT AN OXFORD COMMA IS. also, i always use the oxford comma. i suppose that makes me snobby.

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Morning Edition has been looking back to 2009, when the economy was in the throes of the recession and when President Obama was still new to his office. David Greene has been reconnecting with people he interviewed during his road trip across America to commemorate Obama’s first 100 days in office. Today we hear from Sam Terrell, who two years ago was working in a diner in Atlanta.

 "I feel like a lot of my friends are kind of in limbo…but at the same time they don’t seem too worried…I don’t feel like we’re panicking too much."

When do YOU hit the panic button? Are you already panicked? 

"Ideally, together as a community, we make better maps than any of us could make alone."

Right there. John Green just accidentally stumbled upon the entire philosophy behind what Maps of Neverland is going to be about. Awesome. 


schweddy balls

I worked at a Ben & Jerry’s after grad school. I can’t even…